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Global Virtual Reality Entertainment Industry Summit(GVRES)

Held simultaneously with ChinaJoy, the Global Virtual Reality Entertainment Industry Summit(GVRES)is an industry forefront summit that is tailored for industry practitioners to adapt to latest trends in the VR entertainment industry. In recent years, VR(virtual reality) and AR(Augmented reality) commercialization was on the fast track of development, and VR and AR applications have been developed by more and more global companies to launch to the market. Facing the emerging VR/AR international market, outstanding VR hardware companies and VR content providers are sprung up, and the consumer market is getting larger and larger with incredible speed.

GVRES 2016 is committed to creating the best possible VR/AR experience platform where, with its unique position and experiences in the industry, it would bring together domestic and overseas VR/AR hardware providers, content publishers and developers, and fully tap into innovative, practical, forward-looking technologies, businesses and contents to lead the VR industry for a positive, rapid and orderly development.

GVRES Speakers

  • Zhang Jianzhong


  • Christopher Mitchell


  • Jessica Zhao

    17173 Media Group

  • Dustin Wish


  • Xin Feng

    Baofeng Group

  • Frank Chen

    Mili Pictures (MP) and MP Technology

  • Yangzhen


  • Dai LI

    LeVR Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


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